Workshop on Design & Developer Tools

Welcome! This is going to be a free workshop that’s organized in your college campus. Read all the information before you join.
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  • Day 1 – Adobe XD

    Prototyping tool to build vector based UI/UX. Learn to build simple layouts and walkthrough on more functionality of Adobe XD.

  • Day 2 – Kotlin OOP

    Programming language for building applications and target multiplatform. Learn object oriented and hybrid kotlin.

  • Day 3 – IntelliJ Idea

    Integrated development environment for Java Development. Learn to install, set up the environment and build workflow.

  • GitHub banner

    Day 4 – Version Control with Git & GitHub

    You will learn about version control using Git and GitHub for hosting your code as repositories. Tool used by developers for hosting projects.

  • Wrap Up

    Continue your learning journey and I’ll summarize the whole workshop.

    Want to get into more trainings?

    After completion of workshop, based on your interests and analyzing your performance at the end of week, I’ll select students. You will be considered for training during event sessions or workshops that I conduct after this workshop in coming months.

    Have Queries?

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