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Animating Widgets in Flutter

Using the flutter_animate package, we explore different trends and techniques to improve the visual appeal of our Flutter application. We begin by animating a simple widget and go through animating different widgets in our app.

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Modal Bottom sheet in android jetpack compose

Implementing modal bottom sheet has never been easier in Android with Compose. But it is made easier with ModalBottomSheetLayout along multiple options like adding an anchor, styling your sheet, allows you to add modal sheet with your own customization at utmost convenience.

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Set in kotlin

Set is a generic unordered collection of elements that does not support duplicate elements. Null elements are also unique. A set contain only one null. Kotlin distinguishes between read-only and mutable sets.

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Exceptions in kotlin

An exception is an unwanted or unexpected event, which occurs during the execution of a program. In Kotlin, all exception classes are descendants of class Throwable. If exceptions are not handled, then It will throw an exception and will stop the execution of program.