Bootcamp for beginners in android

Welcome! This is going to be a free bootcamp and will be organized virtually. Read all the information and apply from the link below.

You Will Learn

What you are going to learn in this span of month is equal to paid courses that you take online. I’ve applied all my knowledge and so much time to frame and build this content just for you people.


  • Week 1

    Getting Started

    Start setting up tools to work with Android studio, IntelliJ IDEA, setup SDK and JDK. Basics on Kotlin programming language.

  • Week 2

    GitHub and More Kotlin

    You will learn about version control using Git and GitHub for hosting your code as repositories. And more object oriented and hybrid kotlin.

  • Week 3

    Get Started With Android Basics

    Learn to build simple UI elements, Activities, Intents with XML and Kotlin. Covering even basic topics itself could over flood with lot of information. We will learn as much as we can.

  • Week 4

    Complete Project

    Based on what you learn you will be submitting your single screen app for reviewing. You will be able to improve your knowledge by applying current skills.

  • Wrap Up

    Get certified for your learning on completion of bootcamp. Certificates are like trap, so don’t fall for it. Only concentrate and be dedicated towards learning the skill.

Win Internship

Get Chance To Work On Production App

After analyzing everyone’s performance and student project work submitted at the last week, we will select two students. You will get more free training and full internship for atleast two months. So don’t miss it, meet more android developers and work in their team.

Registrations closed

Registrations are closed. But we will organize more programs like these in coming months.
Join our wait list by filling form.


Frequently asked questions

No, live classes won’t be recorded.

Yes, in order to be eligible for certificate you need to submit the project and get review done.
Only learning is of no use, doing a simple project will help you apply your skill and understanding is of great use.

Considering many factors, we are still deciding. May be we will ask students to maintain atleast 80% attendance. Revisit the question as we make changes.

We are still planning what will be the best approach. However, I will do such sessions atleast twice a week where you can ask doubts and I will solve them in live google meet session.

All live classes are complete live code walkthrough. I will be screen sharing my editor and code while teaching all the topics.
We will make use of Google Meet for all the session.

We will make use of Slack and channels for appropriate information sharing. And yes, all the learners will be gathered in a single workspace.

Still have questions ?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us
and we will be with you shortly.