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RecyclerView to ViewPager2 with MaterialViewPager | Android

ViewPager2 comes with major improvements from ViewPager which enables swipe views with RecyclerView, vertical swipe, orientation, right-to-left support, Modifiable fragment collection, PageTransformations, swipe between fragments with TabLayout, DiffUtils etc. Let’s understand with an example implementation.

Convolution Neural Network

Convolutional Neural Network | Deep Learning

Convolutional Neural Network is one among various types of Deep Learning Neural Networks. CNN is very powerful and widely used in image classification, image recognition, computer vision etc.

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Shared element transition in fragments Android

Learn how to implement SharedElementTransition between destinations using NavigationComponent in an android application. Perform move transition between views with an example i have shown.

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Pass data between fragments with Navigation in android

Navigation is part of Android Jetpack which handles everything needed for an app navigation. With SafeArgs, NavArgs and place to visualize all app destinations at one place. Learn with example I have created in this article.

Working with jetpack navigation android

Easy to implement and whole app navigation at one place, with visual code editor which connects different destinations using actions. Learn how to implement SafeArgs with this article. Also check the my example available in Github.

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